Message from the CEO

“I was afraid of NOTHING”

Since my very young age, I wanted to be a race car driver because I love competition.

This competition has grown with me all over the years through the challenge of the establishment of the MOULINVEST Group and its subsidiaries.

At the age of 22, I took over the family business and I started this new adventure with my brother. My first decision was to connect the site to electricity at the dawn of the 70s. Then I put an automated sawing line to increase production year by year.

The original site was too small, so I decided to move the entire activity to the entrance of the town of Dunières in the 90s. Then, I established the family group MOULINVEST during the year 2000 to consider the creation of other companies in the group, in order to offer our customers a wider range of our products.

MOULINVEST is today an industrial leader in the wood industry. We are listed on the stock exchange and our regular investments enable us to meet the wood market demand which constantly evolves.

We have faith in the future with our employees to obtain even more market shares. Our future projects are based on the development of our products, like glued and finger-jointed wood as much as the increase of our production on sawn timbers and wood pellets.

Offering quality to our customers remains our major priority, linked with the resources we are given and our teams work.

Maurice MOULIN