MOULINVEST is a leading industrial player in the French wood industry.

The group, chaired by Maurice Moulin, has been listed on the EURONEXT GROWTH PARIS market since 2011.

Established in the heart of a richly endowed forest since 1916, the group has been able to constantly innovate and build a solid portfolio of complementary activities which gives it a perfect capacity to integrate the value chain from Tree to Home.

With the strength of its people and their expertise, MOULINVEST offers its partners a wide range of products and services with high added value within the framework of a rational, sustainable and, above all, local forest management policy.

MOULINVEST is part of a sustainable development approach that makes it possible to enhance the value of the entire forest resources.

Aware of the fundamental asset that its forest resources represent, thanks to its location in the heart of the Auvergne and Rhône-Alpes forests, MOULINVEST practices “zero waste” management on all its forestry operations, from planting to cutting, in compliance with PEFC principles.

The MOULINVEST group has carried out an ambitious program to recover waste from wood processing by creating MOULIN BOIS ÉNERGIE, an entity which specializes in the production of heating pellets and electricity by cogeneration from biomass.

The MOULIN sawmill, the  Group’s historical activity, manufactures and markets a wide range of structural and roofing wood, as well as solid wood walls and profiles for timber frame houses.

In 2011, TECHNICBOIS MOULIN took its first steps on the Eco-building market with the MASSIFBOIS brand. The site of Chambaud close to Dunières, is equipped with high-tech equipment HUNDEGGER which enables it to make nailed wood panels, and also offers carpentry cutting, glued laminated timber, and cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Finally, in 2013, MOULINVEST acquired FRANCE BOIS IMPRÉGNÉS (F.B.I.), a leader in the field of impregnation of electricity and telecommunication poles. This strategic acquisition enables MOULINVEST to offer a wide range of technical solutions to ensure the durability of wood in all conditions. MOULINVEST takes the opportunity to strengthen its range by integrating the DÉCOVERT brand dedicated to outdoor fittings, arboriculture and viticulture poles, as well as products for the equestrian environment.