Our companies : Moulin Bois Énergie

Moulin Bois Énergie is located in the heart of the Auvergne forest, in Dunières in Haute-Loire. Its local activity is linked to the valorization of wood by-products (sawdust, chips…).

This material is present on the spot, through the MOULIN sawmill located 500 m from the site, this proximity enables the production of wood pellets with an almost zero rate carbon emission.

Moulin Bois Énergie has 2 activities :

      the production of electricity thanks to a thermo-electric power station

      the production of wood pellets of 6 mm, 100% softwood and 100% natural 

Committed to local and sustainable development, we subject our production of wood pellets to strict standards and regular quality controls that guarantee a natural, high-performance, and environmentally friendly fuel.

Drying of sawdust

Our factory is equipped with the latest German and Austrian technologies for the thermo-electric power station. An excess of steam enables it to naturally dry the sawdust intended for the production of wood pellets.

We are among the first to use this drying technique in France: the sawdust is put on a belt in a belt dryer, the material is dried by air circulation.

Processing from sawdust into wood pellets

For the production of wood pellets we have 2 CPM presses, and each one can produce 5.5 tons per hour. The dry sawdust is hot pressed inside the presses to give the wood pellet a cylindrical shape.

We analyze our pellets every 3 hours in a laboratory equipped with pellet quality control equipment.

Moulin Bois Énergie was one of the first French pelletizers to get the EN + certification, the most demanding certification in terms of production and service quality.

This strict certification with an annual audit, enables us to justify the production of high-performance quality pellet and with a recognized quality of service, as well as a good supply of our incoming raw material.

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