The Sainte Agathe sawmill is located in Sainte Agathe la BOUTERESSE in the department of Loire (42). It covers a little more than one hectare and transforms nearly 25,000 m³ of wood per year.

Our sawmill valorizes regional softwoods, mainly spruce and fir. All wood processing operations (debarking, sawing, sorting, stacking) are oriented to ensure a qualitative and quantitative follow-up of the production, according to your needs.
The logs are sawn into shorter logs, classified according to their length and diameter, debarked and then scanned and optimized for a better material yield, according to the order.

These logs are transformed into different sawing products, with standard or specific sections:

Pallet sawing: boards (lengths from 80 to 140 cm, widths from 75 to 145 mm, thicknesses from 15 to 27 mm), the rafters are sorted, stacked and cut square to be directly delivered or used in pallets manufacturing.

Boards: AD or treated class 2, on request, the lengths of these boards vary from 2 to 4 meters maximum, widths from 15 cm to 20 cm and thicknesses from 15 to 27 mm.

The sawmill is also at the origin of the production of wood chips and sawdust, products directly sent to our site in Dunières for the production of pellets.